Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Friend

Gary in Camp
We are Now legal outfitters with No clients. We are Still in the Testing stage. Our Guinea pig is our Dear friend Gary Carter from Ok. 
First off, The weather. Wow, there was a Lot of snow for the 10th of Oct. But, even though we all were Very cold, hey, We were up there deer hunting and trying things out. 
Wall Tents...Ok..Terry is a builder and he should be able to figure out how one goes up. (we found that wood poles really are easier then metal poles, esp. when it comes to packing them on horses in rough terrain).
Yes, we got it, Oops, that is what they made tarps or visquine for...Other wise your sleeping bag Will be soaking wet when it snows or rains. Oh and another thing, Your Friends really don't like it when they realize you've put their tent right in front of a fresh carcass kill out in the middle of nowhere.  
A different angle of our area
 Some other important tips we learned thanks to our very dear friend's experience. Other people don't really like to go on chicken trails out in the boonies. And that Some little mule's really can't carry as big as loads as the big horses can. However, We did find Gary a Trusty mount...My old mare mule "Bell". At age 25 she was as trusty as they come. And she Loved Gary...Loved him so much that every time he would walk by she would wink at him. 
Another Very important lesson, Is to hold the Opposite stirrup for the client to get on the saddle. At Gary's expense, and to my utter delight....Gary decided to swing up on the saddle. The only issue with that, He swung so hard, He ended up on the opposite side of the Mule, On the ground with his foot stuck in the stirrup. Bell looked at him with Utter Disgust that day.
Ole' Bell
Leather on Saddle in wet and freezing tempetures Really don't mix, and generators really don't start when it gets below Zero. 
Don't loose sight of that person, and heaven forbid, don't send them back to camp by themselves no matter How much they brag about being an avid outdoorsman. 
After the 2 weeks of hunting, Seeing Deer and having a ball, we felt we were Finally ready to go to a show that spring and start booking Real clients for the 2008 Elk hunting season.

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