Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Beginning of the Adventure

Billijo Beck

The Above photo is Me, I'm Billijo Beck. The photo below is of my loving husband Terry Beck. 
These photos are the Beginning. The beginning of an adventure that we "Thought" we knew what we were getting ourselves into, But reality soon made us realize that we were just a 'Little' off.
Our back grounds are simple. We were Both raised up hunting, My father was an Idaho Outfitter. I grew up around hunting, Horses, and camping. 
Terry grew up near the wilderness of the Gila National Forest. His dad was also an outfitter. He grew up hunting as well, and his specialty was bear and lion hunting. 
What we didn't know, Is the hard hours, Trying horses, Loads of paper work for many different agencies, Insurance, Bonds, More paperwork, booking clients, adverse Weather, trying to get clients close to animals for the "Perfect shot", The good times and the bad times. 
Through it all, We have made it.... 

This is OUR story....
We will be sharing stories, the friendships and hardships.  Hunting tips that worked, Products that worked under the stress and strain of a outfitting business in the Rockies of Central Idaho. And Products that didn't quite make the cut. And of course the pictures.

Terry Beck


  1. Great idea, Billijo! I'm looking forward to reading them all! Love the photo of Terry and his horse, he and his cigar look almost as tough as the big neck horse...and that horse will go way and get you there...

    What a beautiful valley! Makes me wish I was young again.....naw!

  2. Thank you Jes....
    We have had one HELL of a ride when we decided on this purchase.