Monday, October 17, 2011

The Dream

Our area
Terry's and I had a Dream. We wanted to work together. Both of our passion's were hunting. So, In 2007 we decided to follow through with our passion's. And we started in ernest to Look into Big Game outfitting business's for sale. 
We at least started out right. We went from Alaska to NM looking at different outfits for sale. 
I was partial to Idaho, Because Idaho is where my Dad was an outfitter in the late 80's early 90's. 
But, we did take the time anyways to tour the outfits in other states.
We narrowed it down to 2 outfits. 4x4 and Wilderness outfit...
(Both in Central Idaho)
We loved both of them, and loved the one in the Frank Church wilderness. However, this is the same time our middle daughter Lynn was diagnosed with Autism. 
one of the meadows
Living in the wilderness with a child with special needs was out of the question.
So, We zero'd in on 4x4 outfitters. 
Now, This is a process and a battle in it's self. I honestly can say, I think you could open a Whore house in Idaho FASTER then purchasing an outfitting business in Idaho.  It took us 9 Months of Work!
Between Riding the area with the outfitter, Dealing with purchasinig and attorney's, And dealing with the Federal agencies that hold your permits. To dealing with the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Board. WOW...What a learning curve it was for me. 
Then came the 200+  question Test....I passed with 100%!!!

And, We became Idaho Outfitters......
Ole' Bell
In the Meantime of all this paper work and different agency meetings....We decided to go hunting in our Dream area. 
We loaded the Entire family, Inlaws, Kids, and dear friends and headed out for Big Eight mile to do some deer hunting and some Scouting and exploring our area.  
Not to mention, Trying to decide Where we were going to live. At the time we lived down in Boise Idaho. And knew that we needed to Move up there to either Salmon or Leadore Idaho. 
We Chose Salmon. Salmon Idaho is a Wonderful community. And the best thing they had a Special needs school for our precious daughter Lynn.
Tent we set up for Gary
Back to Hunting in Oct...
With In laws and friends in tow...Our good friend Gary Carter from Ok. Poor Gary, He was our Test. We figured that if we could get Gary on a Deer and take care of him for the 2 weeks up there, We could do this Outfitting. 
Oh Boy!
First, Was the weather. Wow, The weather!  I didn't realize that I had purchased an area that was similar to the Klondike. I thought that this was just the "Storm of the Century" (Don't ever believe that saying by the way)....Next, I quickly realized I had to brush up on my cooking skills, (people really don't like limp bacon, they actually like it Cooked).  And last but not least was taking care of the Client...But more on that on the Next post.......

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